An Open Letter to Kersten England, Chief Executive of York Council

Cllr Simpson-Laing abuses 82 year-old invalid

Corrupt York Councillors & Social Worker decline to issue Denial





The historic City of York is in the hands of a crime syndicate run in part by the City of York Council and local politicians, supported by the police. We are calling on the government to investigate the rampant corruption in Kersten England’s regime and to take appropriate action against her and her associates in crime.

Its leader, James Alexander, is a megalomanic who imposes his will either with violence or with the threat of violence. Do see:

The deputy leader is Tracey Simpson-Laing. She hold the portfolio for “community safety”, which covers adult social services. As Grandma B’s ward councillor, she has set the police on her for daring to hand out a leaflet in a public place. The available evidence indicates that Simpson-Laing is a leading member of the criminal gang operating in York that is targeting isolated old people and plundering their assets.

York is where Anthony Gilberthorpe ran a shop in the historic city centre. He has openly admitted to supplying children to senior Conservative politicians. The victims are believed to have come from homes in the York area.

Nobody in York Council can remember having met Jimmy Savile and nobody is aware of Gilberthorpe’s activities. At least, that is what they are saying.